Electronics and communication Engineering

Courses Overview


"Electronics is the brain of Modern Technology". Electronics engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with the flow of current in secmiconductor devices/components. And, Communications Engineering deals with the transfer of information from one place to another.

Electronics and communications engineers create many of the world’s technological advances. Broadcast systems, telephone technology, aviation advances, automotive design and navigation systems are only a few of the developments created by them.

In this course, you will be studying the two parts, Electronics and Communication, separately. In detail this covers, electronic circuits, microprocessor, microcontroller, communication engineering, antenna and wave guides, digital signal processing, etc.,


  • 1. Electronics Devices& Circuits Lab
  • 2. Integrated Circuits Lab
  • 3. Embedded Systems Lab
  • 4. VLSI Lab
  • 5. Micro controller Lab
  • 6. Advanced Communication Systems Lab

Career Options

  • The service of electronic technicians is required in all National and multinational companies and Government Organisations.
  • Diploma in Electronics also provides much choice of subjects for higher studies like Electronics, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Medical Electronics, Mechatronics and Computer Science.